Like every other online shop ( including Amazon , alibaba ) you get to pay a delivery fee for package to be processed and shipped over to your prefered location.

but we’ve made it easy by providing free delivery for orders worth $325 and Above!

Delivery time varies based on certain aspects, including :

time of purchase

quantity purchased



but you get a next day delivery for all states with the US,

You relax and have everything process and delivered at your doorstep in no distance time!

meaning, after successfully placing your order, everything is settled, just left for us to do the heavy lifting and have your package delivered to you in no distance time


as explained in the other section, you get an invoice immediately after purchase is made successfully.


This is a reliable website with secure and easy to apply payment options! once money gets cleared off your account, you get a notification from the account/payment provider.

after wish you get an invoice from us with a summary of the complete purchase and everything.

this is like a container/basket that holds up all the products you wish to get but can’t actually get at the moment because of certain things.

you can as well read our refund and return policies on that!

but, you get a reshipment from us and if this persist you get a refund!

you can cancel or change your order! but this works with certain conditions being taken into consideration.

that is, orders eligible for cancel or changes are as follows :

orders in cart

orders still being processed

orders not marked as shipped

returned orders

package tracking in some cases “Parcel Tracking” refers to the option and/or possible means of you tracking/tracing your order ( package ) to find out its present location, end destination and status of package from delivery service!

usps, dhl, fedex and more…

Lets Get You Started Today!

Lets Get You Started Today!

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